We exist to solve problems and make new things possible


What we believe

"We are here to solve problems and make new things possible"

At tinyDAVID we believe that there are big problems in the world today that have tiny solutions. We do our best to support and deliver these solutions.

"It is the wood that grows in your time that you cook with"
We believe in questioning the way we have "always" done things and doing the best possible as opposed to just what we are used to. We believe that the motivation for doing a thing is as important as how you do it and that expertise is valuable only as far as it is able to SOLVE real problems, DELIVER real SOLUTIONS and have a tangible effect on the LIVES of PEOPLE.

We believe that a little bit of irreverence and a lot of independence is invaluable in coming up with the solutions that the world needs. We do this without having the presumption to ignore the accumulated lessons of history.